135 days battery life, low latency, ultra-thin low shaft: Logitech releases G915 TKL wireless ultra-thin compact mechanical keyboard

June 06,2020

Logitech has just quietly released a compact wireless gaming keyboard-G915 TKL TENKEYLESS LIGHTSPEED, positioning high-end, is the 87-key version of G915, using ultra-thin low shaft, and supports LIGHTSPEED low-latency wireless technology, and has Super long battery life performance, the official said that this is currently the thinnest wireless mechanical keyboard on the market, and Logitech's most advanced gaming mechanical keyboard to date.


The overall design materials of the G915 TKL TENKEYLESS LIGHTSPEED wireless keyboard are unchanged. The superior materials are made of aviation-grade aluminum, and the surface is brushed anodized. The digital keyboard on the right side is cut off.


Using the self-developed GL ultra-thin short shaft, the total key stroke is short, and the trigger speed is fast. Officials say it is about 25% faster than the traditional mechanical shaft. The feel is linear and there is no sticky feeling, which ensures that the feel can also meet long game battles and effectively relieve fatigue. In addition, all buttons are integrated with RGB Symphony lighting effects, support LIGHTSYNC RGB backlight technology, this is also the first to use LIGHTSYNC technology on a wireless keyboard, has a very gorgeous visual experience, can be customized through a dedicated driver, supports 16.8 million colors And multiple modes, also support synchronization with Logitech's own product backlight.


The biggest highlight is the support of LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, with 1ms ultra-low latency, very fast feedback speed, fully comparable to many high-end gaming wired keyboards. In addition, it is very power-saving and has a very good battery life. It can last for 135 days (8 hours a day) when the light is turned off, and 40 hours when the light is turned on, which is enough for users to use it for about 5 days.


This Logitech G915 TKL TENKEYLESS LIGHTSPEED wireless mechanical keyboard will be officially released in June 2020, priced at 229 US dollars, the need for small partners can pay attention.


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