new balance 900 Strap, functional sandals BOA turntable for urban outdoor

June 06,2020

Recently, the new balance, which is suitable for summer shoes, has been released one after another, and a new sandal 900 Strap for outdoor scenes has been launched. The 900 Strap designed with the BOA lacing system will contain three color schemes: Black/Moon, Black/Silver and Bali Blue.


900 Strap is made of a series of functional materials, such as smooth bullet-proof nylon, velcro, cowhide and neoprene. One of the sandals' performance indicators is the BOA lacing system, which can be pulled into the upper strap portion of the sandal to achieve the best fit. The winding machine is placed on the side of the soft suede, supplemented by a small "new balance" label that protrudes from the rear half. In addition, there are adjustable straps on the heel and forefoot. The final lightweight insole provides more comfort and support. All these elements are based on ergonomic principles.

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