New Powerbeats 4 wireless headphones sneak away at Wal-Mart, prices also drop "$ 50"

March 24,2020

It has long been said that Apple will launch a new Powerbeats 4 wireless headset, which should be positioned at the thousand yuan level. Compared with AirPods series products, Powerbeats series products are more suitable for sports scenes. It has ear hooks and cords that can be hung around the neck, not "true wireless" products. Before Apple officially released this product, this new Powerbeats 4 wireless headset was already available in Wal-Mart stores, and compared to the previous generation, the price also dropped directly by $ 50 to $ 149. However, this price is not yet determined by Apple.


Regarding Powerbeats products, the new products will adopt the appearance design of Powerbeats Pro, the Beats logo has also become a button, which can realize touch control and other functions; the use of Apple H1 chip can bring lower latency and lower power Power consumption, support voice wake Siri, etc .; support 15 hours of playback on battery life.


According to Apple Insider's hands-on situation, the Powerbeats 4 headphones will also be equipped with a nylon storage bag, a round cable, the power button on the left handset, the right handset has a volume adjustment button and a Lightning charging port, which is equipped with USB-A to as standard. Lightning line, support Fast Fuel, charge for 5 minutes and listen to songs for 1 hour.


In practice, the round cable replacing the original flat cable will be more comfortable and will not stick to the neck due to sweating; the new Powerbeats will also rely on the iOS 13.4 system, and the old system will not support some functions.


At present, Apple has not announced this product, but there are news that the new headset will be launched with the official release of iOS 13.4 system on the 18th. Wal-Mart's list price is $ 149, which is lower than the initial price of Powerbeats 3. 50 U.S. dollars. In addition, Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones are now priced at $ 69.99 on Amazon.

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