Committed to curbing the new crown epidemic: Seagate freely opens all technical patents for the prevention and treatment of new crown virus

June 09,2020

The momentum of the new crown epidemic has not been completely contained and all parties are still making unremitting efforts to prevent and control it

Former UFC double-weight title, "Muzzle Gun" Connor McGregor announced his retirement

June 09,2020

Conor McGregor himself tweeted on social media today Hello everyone I decided to retire from boxing I have so many memories thank you A great journey He also took a photo with his mother on the winning night

135 days battery life, low latency, ultra-thin low shaft: Logitech releases G915 TKL wireless ultra-thin compact mechanical keyboard

June 06,2020

Logitech has just quietly released a compact wireless gaming keyboard G915 TKL TENKEYLESS LIGHTSPEED positioning high end is the 87 key version of G915 using ultra thin low shaft and supports LIGHTSPEED low latency wireless technology

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