Committed to curbing the new crown epidemic: Seagate freely opens all technical patents for the prevention and treatment of new crown virus

June 09,2020

The momentum of the new crown epidemic has not been contained, and all parties are still making unremitting efforts to prevent and control it.


A few days ago, Seagate, the world's largest mechanical hard disk company, announced that it has signed the Open COVID initiative, which can freely license all Seagate technology patents for the identification, detection, prevention, and treatment of new coronavirus.

Seagate CEO Dr. Dave Mosley said that Seagate is committed to tapping human potential, which is even more important in the fight against the new coronavirus. He believes that cooperation is a key measure to combat the epidemic and reduce losses. Seagate is pleased to be a member of the Open COVID initiative.

Previously, Seagate contributed computing and storage resources to the Folding@home protein folding project, and jointly developed the non-profit organization Vent-19 to develop affordable ventilator products, and the data calculation project "Data4Good" included research on the epidemic.

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