American pirate ship launches white special edition Dominator Platinum White RGB white gold ruler memory

June 10,2020

CORSAIR, who is obsessed with white, today released Dominator Platinum White RGB white special edition memory, which belongs to the famous platinum ruler family. The fuselage is painted in white, and small partners who plan to install white on the theme can pay attention.


There is no change in styling design. The patented DHX heat dissipation gigantic heat sink can withstand long-term overload and high temperature. The difference this time is mainly in the all-white color scheme. The top and sides are still designed with holes. There are 12 super bright addressable CAPELLIX RGB LED lamp beads, which are smaller in size, lower power consumption and brightness than traditional RGB lamp beads. Higher and more durable. The lighting effect is highly playable and can be set by the Corsair iCUE driver. In addition to the conventional preset modes, you can also customize the configuration file or backlight synchronization, and you can also know the real-time temperature and frequency through the backlight.


In addition to being good-looking, the configuration is also top-notch, with a single capacity of 8GB/16GB and a variety of 2x8GB/2x16GB/4x8GB/4x16GB/8x8GB/8x16GB packages, including 3200MHz (CL16 timing), 3600MHz (CL18 timing), and 4000MHz (CL19 timing). The version can meet the needs of high-end gaming platforms.

In addition, using 10-layer PCB, carefully selected Samsung B-Die particles, support XMP 2.0 technology, compatible with multiple platforms, including the latest Z490/B460 and AMD B550 new platform, of course, mainly for top platform optimization, AMD X399/TR40 and X299 There are good results on the platform, providing lifetime warranty services.


The White Special Edition Platinum Ruler is currently available on the official website. The 3200MHz 16GB (2x8GB) version is priced at US$121.99, the 4000MHz 16GB (2x8GB) version is priced at US$339.99, the 3200MHz 32GB (4x8GB) package is priced at US$244.99, and the 3200MHz 64GB (4x16GB) The package is priced at US$409.99, and the top-level 3200MHz 128GB (8x16GB) package is priced at US$1054.99. This is not affordable for the average player. In terms of cost performance, the 3200MHz 32GB (4x8GB) package is recommended. Requires white-themed enthusiast platform players. attention.

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