Estee Lauder launches young rebound gold set with popular items

February 21,2020

With the increase of age, skin care has become the most concerned aspect of many women. Recently, Estee Lauder released skin care set: young rebound gold group. Just like its suit name, the suit's main focus is to fade fine lines and lift and firm skin. If you have this kind of trouble, you can pay attention to it ~


This skincare kit includes: sculpting essence 50ml + Zhiyan cream 50ml + night cream 50ml, triple effect, triple repair.
The first is this slimming essence, whose main effect is to fade fine lines and firm the jaw line. At the same time, it promotes the production of sebum and collagen, and improves the appearance of the skin. The texture is hydrated and not too greasy to apply.


The multi-effect Zhiyan essence cream has a moisturizing texture and contains acetylhexapeptide-8 in the ingredients, which is helpful to delay aging. In addition, it also contains the essence of moringa seeds and the essence of prickly pear, which can help promote the production of collagen, make the skin more delicate, at the same time lock the skin's moisture, and long-lasting moisturizing ~


The effect of this multi-effect Zhiyan night cream is also to reduce the fine lines, and the delicate texture is applied for easy absorption. Spring is also the time when the skin is dry, so giving the skin sufficient nutrition can enhance the skin's resistance to external damage ~


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