Marvel Iron Man joint limited-edition aigo solid-state U disk

December 26,2019

U disks are widely used in our lives, such as transferring files, printing files, backing up files, etc. These can not be separated from the assistance of U disks. I myself now basically use U disks every day. A steel that I started recently Xia joint high-speed solid-state U disk, really easy to use.


The Marvel Iron Man co-branded aigo high-speed solid-state USB flash drive uses the same Iron Man armor style as the shape design. Red, black and gold intersect. The body uses a classic sports car streamline design. Reproduced in general. And the shell material uses high-quality zinc alloy, which is much more durable than common U disks.
In addition to a good appearance of a good U disk, the transmission speed is more important. The recently used aigo high-speed solid-state U disk has unexpected speed performance. It has a solid-state storage-level transmission speed, coupled with a USB3.1 high-speed data interface, with a read speed of up to 420MB / s. When transferring some photos, the speed is considerable. You can transfer 1,000 photos in about 25 seconds.


For video files, the official promotion of 10GB video transmission takes as little as 33s. You can imagine how fast it is. And this speed is enough for friends who often use U disk to transfer files.


Good transmission speed, the material must not be too bad, this high-speed solid-state U disk uses Intel's high-quality 3D TLC flash particles, with excellent firmware algorithms can maximize the performance of the memory chip, transmission faster.


aigo high-speed solid-state U disk adopts the main control scheme of SSD manufacturer SMI, which guarantees quality; the firmware algorithm is excellent, which can maximize the read-write performance and data reliability of aigo high-speed solid-state U disk, and it has been tested by 256GB U391 cumulative The write volume can reach 80TB, and the durability of the data is high, which can eliminate the risk of data loss. Yes, for us, security is the most important and data loss prevention is one of the reasons why it is worth buying for the friends who use it often.


U disk, in addition to saving some data, is also often used as an output device, such as movies and songs we download, can be inserted into the TV or speakers with the function of reading U disk. In my opinion, this U disk benefits from its own excellent, plug and play, fast transmission speed, stable, and comfortable and worry-free for me.

aigo high-speed solid-state U disk, the appearance of the classic streamlined design of sports cars, this section with the Marvel Iron Man's genuine license, the appearance alone has attracted many friends. In addition, UFS3.1's high-speed transmission interface, excellent master control, high-quality flash memory particles, and excellent firmware algorithms, whether it is transmission speed, stability, or data security, are all equivalent to SSDs. In so many USB flash drives It really deserves to be praised.

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