Romantic cherry blossom feast for girls! Guerlain launches a series of limited edition cherry blossoms and feels that spring is here!

February 28,2020

On the eve of the annual cherry blossom season, many beauty brands will launch seasonal cherry limited products to capture the hearts of young girls. GUERLAIN Guerlain recently officially released a limited series of 2020 cherry blossoms. A variety of classic makeup was replaced with pink and purple. The entire series is a romantic cherry blossom feast.


The collection includes a sakura-scented eau de toilette, sakura-colored iridescent meteor powder, and two limited-edition gemstone lipstick cases and creams.


Perfume is Guerlain's flowers and water series, which is a series that Guerlain will introduce every spring and summer. The limited edition cherry blossom perfume is decorated with a pink cherry blossom design that echoes the series. In the base of the cherry blossom, the aroma of warm sand pears and white musk is mixed, which is gentle and tender but full of vitality and joy.


The Symphony Meteor Powder Ball has always been a fist product of Guerlain's family. This time it is limited to Happy Glow to reshape the classic. The product combines four pearl colors-white, pink, purple and champagne. Fresh.


Lipstick color shells have always been a big selling point of Guerlain. This limited edition comes in blue and white. The leather case is painted with the pattern of Yoshino cherry blossoms in Japan. The style has changed from the queen style of the gem lipstick series, but the feminine temperament.



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