Beard Relaxing Cream: The Secret To A Better Looking Beard

April 03,2020
beard relaxing cream

I’ll be honest:

When I started to grow out my first beard, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

I didn’t understand the very simple concept that growing a beard took both persistence and patience.

But it didn’t end there…

…as it got longer, it started to take on certain characteristics and growth patterns as well…

Check this out guys:

For nearly every single man on the face of this earth (myself included), one of the more common traits when it comes to androgenic hair (i.e. body hair) is that when it gets longer, it tends to curl.

Whether it grows outwards in a spiral or zig-zag direction, the non-uniform direction of a beard can drive men up a wall and tempt them to do the unthinkable…

…yes, you know what I am thinking…

…complete shave off their beard.

I’ll be the first to admit, I fell for this common rookie mistake…

…and I like to think that I am not alone in this.

So, in this guide I wanted to go over a few things…


Who are most susceptible to super curly beards?


Beard relaxing creams (yes, they are a thing).


Physical methods to straighten out your curly beard a bit more.

And last but not least:

Some common tools that beardsmen heavily depend on to make their beard look downright amazing (I am talking Ron Swanson level stuff).

So, without further ado let’s jump into the details:

Some Men Are Naturally Predisposed To Super Curly Beards

Generally speaking, both men of color and those from middle eastern ethnicities tend to have beards that grow in a much curlier manner.

Now if this isn’t you – don’t skip ahead, there’s some good stuff we are covering (you will see why in just a minute).

This can be a major pain for a few reasons:

First, if you shave your neckline on a regular basis to achieve the perfect beard shape, you are likely susceptible to razor bumps.

When cut, instead of growing outwards from the surface of the skin, the hair may actually curl back into the skin and develop a noticeable bump coupled in most cases come with a mild infection.

Secondly, as your beard gets longer and longer, it won’t actually appear longer.

Except when you get out of the shower…

When your beard is soaking wet, you might notice that it has some great length due to the water weight.

However, as soon as you dry it up…


All that length is now hiding along your jawline and your neck.

This can be confidence-busting.

Not only will your beard not have the length, but it will also look way TOO thick and bunched up.

But don’t worry – this will no longer be an issue:

We will go over two killer solutions in just a minute.

But before we do that, I want to take a second to talk about mustache hairs specifically…

…trust me, this is essential to know:

For all men, regardless of ethnicity, they often run into a problem with a curly mustache.

After a couple month’s of growth, you will probably start having issues eating foods such as chicken wings, sandwiches, ice cream, or anything else that requires you to take a bite without a fork or spoon…

…and lets face it:

eating chicken wings with a fork and spoon while keeping your mustache clean is about as jarring of a scene that one can imagine…

And it’s because of this frustration that most men will start giving second thoughts about that cartridge razor that’s collecting dust in the medicine cabinet.

But, you don’t have to do that…

…at least not yet.

What are the solutions?

Here’s the first one:

Beard Relaxing Cream

Beard relaxing creams are a great way to add some length and get your beard in order.

Relaxing creams are completely unique on how they work.

Think of them as a perfect balance between a styling and moisturizing agent.

The moisturizers in the product will help strengthen the cuticles along the shaft of the hair (these are tiny scales that coat the hair), making them lay flat along with length of the follicle while also giving your beard and skin essential nutrients.

The key moisturizers usually come in all-natural varieties through carrier oils including grapeseed, jojoba, argan, and apricot kernel oil to name just a few.

On the other end of the spectrum is the styling agent – and key to a great looking beard.

Styling agents are exactly what you would think:

They give your beard some shape through extended holds.

Styling formulas come from a wide variety of families.

As a quick example, take a look at your hair styling products:

There you might see pomade, clay, wax, gel, or even hairspray.

These are all fixatives and will help keep your beard looking relaxed (and straight) as opposed to being a curly mess throughout the entire day.

Now while there are very few beard relaxing creams on the market, beardsmen will either do one of two things:

Use a hair centric product on their beard…


…use a beard balm (which is sometimes marketed as a relaxing cream).

If your beard is a few months old, we would recommend reaching for a beard balm for a few reasons:

First and foremost, they are usually all natural (as opposed to chemical based hair care products).

how to make beard balm

Since you will be applying this stuff directly to your face (which has naturally more sensitive skin) and smelling it (at least for the morning hours), you probably don’t want to be huffing chemicals.

Balms come in many different varieties.

However, being that you are dealing with a curly beard and are trying to relax it, many beardsmen have had success with this beard balm.

This beard balm has a higher density of beeswax than compared to most.

Therefore, you will still get all the great conditioning agents of the balm through the carrier and essential oils along with a butter.

But that’s not all:

If you are sitting there thinking to yourself that you tried beard balm and it just didn’t work…

…don’t worry.

You will want also double down on some mustache wax.

Typically formulated from 95% beeswax, mustache wax will give you the ultimate control over your beard.

Now don’t think that this stuff can only be used on your upper lip – its completely safe and acceptable to use a little bit on the rest of your beard as well…

…just don’t get too carried away with it though…

Otherwise you might find yourself entering the World Beard & Mustache Championships!

Straighten Beard With A Flat Iron

Now if you want to get physical with your beard, the best option is a flat iron.

Yes, probably the same thing your wife or girlfriend uses…

I know this might be out of the comfort zone for some men…

…but so is eating a chicken wing with a fork and knife…

If you want effective results immediately, then you must consider this.

But unlike her flat iron, you need to get something a bit more compact and discrete.

Therefore, travel flat irons like this one are perfect for your beard.

Not only do the smaller paddles make it easier to control, but you also are less likely to burn yourself in the process.

A quick word of wisdom:

You got to exercise caution when using this tool.

Excessive use on your beard will burn the follicles.

This will make your beard look worse, and likely impossible to repair.

So please, use extreme caution when handling.

Brush Then Comb – Depends On Beard Length

beard comb and brush

In order to get the most out of your next tub of beard relaxing cream, you will want to make sure you brush or comb daily.

Now, here’s the short when it comes to beard styling:

Most men use their standard comb or plastic brush.

While, yes, you can use this tool…

it’s just not….


…doing the best for your beard.

More often than not, cheap brushes are made from plastic and do a lackluster job of spreading the relaxing cream through your beard.

Secondly, many of the cheap combs are pretty flimsy and don’t really work too well.

Now, I definitely don’t want to come across as salesy.

However, I really do think the best beard brushes make a marked increase in length and appearance for beardsmen, especially those with curly beards.

The reason why they work better is that they rely on natural animal fibers (usually boars hair) rather than plastic.

This means that they will help to distribute product (i.e. beard relaxing cream that has moisturizers and styling agents) along the entire shaft of your beard.

Secondly, when dealing with a really curly beard, beard brushes help the follicles to grow in a uniform direction.

Regardless of ethnicity, nearly all men struggle with some curly hairs on their mustache or neck.

When using a beard brush daily, you can train your hairs out of the way of your mouth (or going downward on your neck and cheeks) in order to both look longer and behave the way you want it too!

Beard combs on the other hand are perfect for further styling with really long beards.

So, if you have more than a few months of growth, I would recommend going with a beard comb instead.

Sure, you can use a brush, but combs will give you a bit more control and still deliver great results.

Important Reminders When Trying To Relax Your Beard

Just like growing a beard, relaxing and maintaining your beard really boils down to persistence.

Taking a few days off will more often than not reverse all the hard work that you have done to date.

Therefore, it’s incredibly important that you use a relaxing cream and brush daily.


This will not only help to cure any sort of beard itch or dry skin that is resting beneath your beard, but the rich moisturizing carrier oils and butters contained within the product will make your beard heathy and well-nourished.

But more importantly, the beeswax in these relaxing creams will give your beard natural styling abilities that will help to improve the length and straighten out even the toughest of curls.

All products aside:

One great way to fully relax your beard will be patience.

The longer your beard is, the more the beard will go downwards due to its weight alone.

If you can push yourself to grow a yeard (beard for a year), not only will you be incredibly pleased with the length of your beard, but also with the appearance of your follicles beginning to straighten.

So with that, keep at it…

…and beard on!

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