Data show that Nintendo Switch sold 50 million units

January 28,2020

The top three software sales are: "Mario Kart" (22.96 million copies), "Nintendo Super Smash Bros." (16.76 million copies), and "Super Mario: Odyssey" (16.59 million copies). Ten are first-party works:
Among non-first-line IPs, "Fire Emblem: Three Houses" sold 2.58 million copies, making it the best-selling series in the series; third-party work "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3" sold 1.02 million copies, soaring.


Based on this, the company raised its forecast for this fiscal year, with Switch sales rising from 18 million units to 19.5 million units.



Compared with the traditional game business of bitter haha, Nintendo has made life easier in the field of mobile games, earning 1 billion US dollars with almost no effort.
"Fire Emblem: Hero" contributed more than half of the company's revenue to 656 million US dollars; more amazingly, the download of the game accounted for only 4% of the company's total mobile game downloads, but it contributed most of the revenue, on average Each download can bring the company $ 41, and the efficiency of attracting gold is amazing.


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