Budget full, dynamic ceiling-Sennheiser IE800S

December 17,2019

Reason for purchase

After I changed the SONY NW-ZX300A at the beginning of the year, I added a 4.4mm balance line to my IE80. The hearing improved so much that I used these two combinations for a long time.


However, the quality of the 4.4 balance line I bought at the time was not bad. Later, one ear was broken, but I replaced it with the 4.4 version of Lyra Nature by Astrotec.

This is the end of the year, thinking of either giving a better quality ONSO headset cable to IE80. Amazon is cost-effective and worry-free.

On November 15th, I paid for the order while chatting with my friends, and then refreshed the order details to see that it is expected to be delivered from December 30 to January 5, 2020. I cancelled the order directly.


In fact, the discussion about headphones has continued.

When talking with friends, he upgraded from N3BP to M7, and then my crow mouth said, "Are you sure you don't upgrade M9 directly?" As a result, he listened to M7 every two weeks. He went to the direct store to listen to M9. He planned to sell M7 and went directly to M9. He also smacked his face with a chat record ~

And during this time, I listened to a few beeping clouds to listen to 5k far-range headphones. I am quite impressed with the IE800S and M9. The volume of the IE800S is wide enough, and the sound of the M9 is clear.
Inside is IE800S and a storage bag. The storage bag is not Care. There is a leather inside the headset.


The IE800S is covered with plastic and has no other protection.
The lower left corner is a small gold label certification, and the lower right corner is a public account and a large logo of Sennheiser.


The back is also very simple, only the serial number is on its own packaging, and the product information is in the middle below
    "Design and engineered in Germany

    Made in Germany "

Below is the serial number of the package.

Sennheiser's serial number on the flagship machine initially fainted me: the package has a serial number, the product also has a serial number, and then there are four barcodes on the back. . However, I feel that I have worked very hard to prevent piracy.


The other areas of the packaging are relatively simple, with a two-year warranty label on the top.

Open the box and print the serial number of the package.
Remove the shell, there is a pure black paper box with S-shaped logo of Senhai printed on it! This is the flagship packaging.


Open the cover and the headset body appears!

The texture of the leather storage bag is very good, and the pressure lines on the edges are very neat.

List of accessories:
Headphone body, three different plug wires, a set of earplugs, headphone cable fixing clips, instructions for use, cleaning cloth.

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