Logitech MK470 keyboard and mouse set review: easy to set up a wireless office environment, light and quiet mute experience

December 16,2019

The comfort of the office environment and office equipment will greatly affect our enthusiasm for work, and even reduce errors at work and physical fatigue.
A good office environment can be created by green plants and some of your favorite decorations, and in addition to considering the comfort level of your own use, you must also consider the special scene of the office itself. In recent years, the mechanical keyboard has become the first choice for many people to buy a keyboard, but for office scenes, the sound of the mechanical keyboard and ordinary mouse will cause some interference to other colleagues. Therefore, some key thin and quiet mouse and keyboard suits provide another choice for office workers.


Taking Logitech as an example, as a first-line keyboard and mouse manufacturer, not only has a high level of accomplishment in gaming keyboards and mouse, its Logitech G series has become the first choice of many people; and in the office keyboard and mouse, Logitech also has a lot of fans. This time brings you a wireless keyboard and mouse set-MK470 in Logitech office series.


Office experience

Open the door and let me talk about the experience that Logitech MK470 brought me during this time.



The Logitech MK470 wireless keyboard and mouse set uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection, which is very simple to use. Just plug the standard 2.4GHz wireless receiver into the computer, and the keyboard and mouse can automatically connect at the same time. Compared to Bluetooth connection, the pairing process is eliminated. The connection distance is also sufficient, the official nominal 10 meters, the actual test is indeed sufficient.



First, let's talk about the feel of the Logitech K470 keyboard. As a thin-film keyboard, although Logitech K470's key feel is not as good as a mechanical keyboard, it is still better than a notebook keyboard, and this is due to its slightly longer key travel design. In addition, in terms of keyboard layout, the standard 101-key design does not bring additional learning costs.

The M340 mouse is limited by its overall height and styling design, so most uses require us to use the tummy grip method. The contact area between the finger and the button is larger, which is convenient for clicking. In addition, the Logitech M340 is equipped with a 1000dpi sensor, which is sufficient in actual use, and it is no problem to meet daily office use.



Silence should be regarded as a big selling point of the Logitech MK470 set, so its silent performance is specifically tested here.

Under the actual test, the test tool is placed next to the keyboard and mouse. The sound of the Logitech K470 is about 30dB when continuous typing, and the sound of the Logitech M340 is about 15dB when clicking. , Others are basically inaudible.

Management software


You read that right, Logitech provided management software even if it only locates the basic office suite.

After installing the Logitech Option, the management software will automatically recognize the K470 wireless keyboard and M340 wireless mouse, and support power display. In terms of parameter adjustment, the keyboard supports the change of F1-F12 shortcut keys and the disabling of 5 keys such as the Win key.

Logitech MK470 keyboard and mouse set review: easy to set up a wireless office environment, light and quiet mute experience

The mouse supports left and right button switching, and settings for pointer speed and wheel direction.

Out of the box

Despite being a keyboard and mouse set, the Logitech MK470 box is not as "long" in size as expected.

After opening the package, it will be found that although the keyboard and mouse of Logitech MK470 are arranged horizontally, because the keyboard uses a 101-key design similar to that of a 15-inch notebook computer, the horizontal size of the keyboard is not large.

In terms of accessories, the Logitech MK470 keyboard and mouse set is equipped with a 2.4G mini USB receiver, and because this keyboard and mouse are powered by a dry battery, there are no accessories such as a charging cable.

Mouse and keyboard details

The keyboard in the Logitech MK470 wireless keyboard and mouse set is the Logitech K470, and the mouse is the Logitech M340.


The Logitech K470 keyboard has two colors, in addition to the white and gray color of this review, there is also a black and gray color, you can choose according to your needs.

As mentioned earlier in the box, the size of the K470 keyboard is not large. The measurements of 373.5mm x 143.9mm x 21.3mm are much smaller than the 108-key keyboard we usually use. However, this is only a difference in size, and it is still very comprehensive in key functions.
In terms of key layout, Logitech K470 uses a 101-key design. Compared to our 108-key keyboard, only the keys of the "edit key area" are placed in the "main key area" and "small keyboard area", which guarantees the maximum keyboard function The keyboard size is smaller, especially for some small desktops.

Is the size of the buttons also compressed? Actually not. After measurement, it will be found that the size of the main key area of the Logitech MK470 keyboard is still 15mm, which is equivalent to the size of a conventional keyboard keycap.

to sum up

We can see that the Logitech MK470 wireless keyboard and mouse set has made a lot of subtractions in the overall configuration, such as using 2.4G wireless to replace the restraint of the wire; using thin and light to replace the weight of the conventional peripherals; it is more convenient to use, and has more battery Long-lasting dry batteries replace built-in lithium batteries. However, these subtractions are also the advantages of Logitech MK470. It maximizes the creation of an extremely simple and full-featured desk surface for the office family, with a good value and practicality.

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