Former UFC double-weight title, "Muzzle Gun" Connor McGregor announced his retirement

June 09,2020

Conor McGregor himself tweeted on social media today, "Hello everyone, I decided to retire from boxing. I have so many memories, thank you! A great journey!" He also took a photo with his mother on the winning night .


Conor McGregor is the former UFC double-weight title winner. He was nicknamed "Muzzle Gun". He was very hot in UFC. He also remembered that it was a classic comeback at the beginning of the year. It took only 40 seconds for the mouth gun to quickly KO the cowboy.


Although he announced his retirement again, this was not the first time he announced his retirement. Previously, in 2016 and 2019, he announced his retirement twice, and then came back to participate. I wonder if the friends still look forward to his return?

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